Xymon man-pages

Overview Introduction to Xymon

Server Configuration Files
The hosts.cfg configuration file
The Xymon client configuration (analysis.cfg)
The local Xymon client configuration (client-local.cfg)
Xymon environment variables (xymonserver.cfg)
Xymon server task configuration (tasks.cfg)
Xymon alert configuration (alerts.cfg)
Xymon Critical Systems configuration (critical.cfg)
Xymon CGI configuration (cgioptions.cfg)

Web page generation
Generating web pages (xymongen)
Viewing current status (svcstatus.cgi)
Viewing trend graphs (showgraph.cgi)
Trend graph definitions (graphs.cfg)
Viewing multiple trend graphs (hostgraphs.cgi)
Viewing critical systems (criticalview.cgi)
Viewing ghost clients (ghostlist.cgi)
Viewing historical logs (history.cgi)
Viewing the eventlog (eventlog.cgi)
Viewing information from a CSV file (csvinfo.cgi)
Linking to prebuilt reports by date (datepage.cgi)
Custom Xymon webpages (xymonpage.cgi)
Xymon webpage headers, footers and forms (xymonweb)
Xymon webpage access control

Report generation
Generating reports (report.cgi)
Viewing report details (reportlog.cgi)
Generating snapshots (snapshot.cgi)
Configuration summary report (confreport.cgi)
Single status summary report (statusreport.cgi)

Administrative web pages
Editing critical systems (criticaleditor.cgi)
Finding hosts (findhost.cgi)
Acknowledging alerts (compatibility mode) (acknowledge.cgi)
Acknowledging critical alerts (ackinfo.cgi)
Enabling/disabling tests (enadis)
Acknowledging alerts via e-mail (xymon-mailack)

Network service testing
Network service test engine (xymonnet)
Xymon ping utility (xymonping)
Re-testing failed network services (xymonnet-again.sh)
Network services definitions (protocols.cfg)

Combination tests
Combining status results (combostatus)
Combo-test definitions (combo.cfg)

Xymon server programs
The Xymon network daemon (xymond)
xymond communication module (xymond_channel)
xymond history module (xymond_history)
xymond RRD module (xymond_rrd)
xymond alert module (xymond_alert)
xymond file-storage module (xymond_filestore)
xymond client-data module (xymond_client)
xymond hostdata module (xymond_hostdata)
xymond admin command distribution module (xymond_distribute)
xymond data capture module (xymond_capture)
xymond sample module (xymond_sample)
Xymon proxy server (xymonproxy)
Xymon client HTTP gateway (xymoncgimsg.cgi)
Trimming Xymon history-logs (trimhistory)
Client data collector (xymonfetch)
Application status feed (appfeed.cgi)

Xymon Client
Xymon client filedata tool (logfetch)
Xymon client update utility (clientupdate)
Xymon client ORCA data utility (orcaxymon)
Xymon client task configuration (clientlaunch.cfg)
Xymon client settings (xymonclient.cfg)
Xymon client message cache (msgcache)

Miscellaneous programs
Running Xymon tasks (xymonlaunch)
Xymon communications program (xymon)
Digest calculation tool (xymondigest)
hosts.cfg utility for extension scripts (xymongrep)
hosts.cfg file combiner (xymoncfg)
Xymon command-line tool (xymoncmd)
List of XMH-field names